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The ILLZ: “Faded” (Music Video)


The Let It Fall film directed by Kristopher Rey Talley is based on ILLZ’s The Pursuit LP. This video serves as chapter 4 of the film. Read what Talley has to say about the film below.

Says Talley:

“Let It Fall is a musical art piece. Neither just a music video collection nor a short film, it is instead a surrealist examination on the emotional journey of a relationship’s end. When The ILLZ and I began this project, which has taken a year to come to fruition, it was simply a one note video. We had equipment leftover from another shoot and shot a quick, emotional little video that had little to no context. It sat on the sidelines as went on the create the In Between Video Series and others, but over time, the project grew and grew. We decided to take The Pursuit LP and transform it into a short film. Create an emotional journey and arc, and subdivide it into chapters that were all part of a singular story. From that one video, grew four, and with it, a passionate film project began.”

ILLest Sounds: The ILLZ- “ILLZSENTIAL” (Free Album)

The ILLZ with help from DJ Booth presents his new project titled ILLZSENTIAL. The project is a collection of previously released tracks and new bonus remixes.

To Know Your Place in the Universe



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